Rules First experts

Rules First is about rules. We are proud to have some of the best football officials in Europe to help updating the rules question available at the website and facilitate the debate on the Rules First facebook group.

Please contact one of the Rules First Experts if you have ideas or questions to the board game. Find them in the Facebook group.

Frank Kristensen, Denmark

RULES FIRST is developed in cooperation with the experienced official Frank Kristensen. Since 1991 Frank has officiated more than 500 Danish and international games, including European Finals, World Cup Finals, World Championship Final (2011), college game in the US and been involved in the NFL Europe. Every year Frank trains top officials all over Europe.



 Kasper Kristoffersen, Denmark

Kasper started officiating in Denmark during 2008, and from day one, he made sure to spend the same amount of time in the books, as on the field. He’s held an Elite license in Denmark from 2010, and EFAF license since 2012. He now lives in the UK, where he is lucky enough to work games all year. He enjoys complicated, technical rule debates, and he is a huge fan of board games, so Rules First is the perfect combination.


Krzysztof WalentynowiczKrzysztof Walentynowicz, Poland

Kris, as he is called by his friends, started officiating in 2006 and since then he has been the head of Officiating Department in Poland. Since the beginning he has made it a point of honor to have solid rules knowledge and that’s why he enjoys playing Rules First. He is an EFAF official since 2009 and in 2012 he worked IFAF U-19 World Championship including gold medal game and Eurobowl XXVI. His favorite position on the field is Field Judge. Off the field he’s a firefighter so he considers himself very fortunate to have two best jobs on the world!RULES FIRST is the first board game exclusively for football officials. A inspirational learning tool designed to be used at clinics and for a fun time with you fellow officials.