Thank you to officials from around the world

RULES FIRST is developed in cooperation with the experienced official Frank Kristensen. Since 1991 Frank has officiated more than 500 Danish and international games, including European Finals, World Cup Finals, World Championship Final (2011), college game in the US and been involved in the NFL Europe. Every year Frank trains top officials all over Europe.

The development of a good product takes a lot of care. So here is a "Thank You" to the many officials from nine different countries, who helped quality control the questions you will find in the game.

Jeff Hansen, PAC-10 linesman, The United States
Rom Gilbert, retired D-1 official, The United States
Jin Abe, IFAF official, Japan
Jose Rebes, EFAF Director of Officiating, Spain
Kasper Kristoffersen, Top level official, Denmark
Henning Rieske, IFAF official, Germany
David Parsons, BAFRA President, IFAF official, England
Krzysztof Walentynowicz, EFAF official, Director of Officiating, Poland
Doug Wilson, PAC-10 umpire, The United States
Eigil Noren, EFAF official, Director of Officiating, Norway
Martin Mikkelsen, EFAF official, Denmark
Ralph Lenoire, EFAF official, The Netherlands
Frank Rasmussen, IFAF official, President of Officiating, Denmark
Gerry Robinson, college official, The United States
Matt Williams, college official, The United States
Greg Reid, college official, The United States.RULES FIRST is the first board game exclusively for football officials. A inspirational learning tool designed to be used at clinics and for a fun time with you fellow officials.

The game has been tested in Denmark and in the US and officials from around the world have helped quality check the questions.