Facts of the game

In the board game "RULES FIRST" officials of American football compete in their ability to answer rules questions, collect points and their ability to use the tactical and strategic aspects of the game.

The players are challenged by 400 rules questions divided into two categories from beginner to expert, so that officials of all levels can play. The questions vary greatly from traditional play situations, to questions about which rule deals with which situations to the player having to give the right signal to answer the question correctly. There are also questions that force the players to look at the rules from a completely different angle.

The tactical and strategic aspects in the game make it fun to play over and over again. Pre-snap cards provide unpredictability keep the game close right to the end.

The game is designes for 2-4 players or teams.
Duration of the game is 60 to 90 minutes.

The Rules Expertise

RULES FIRST is developed in cooperation with the experienced official Frank Kristensen. Since 1991 Frank has officiated more than 500 Danish and international games including World Championship Final 2011.





- Board
- 400 question cards/two levels
- 45 pre-snap cards
- 4 player's pieces
- 56 point pieces
- Time keeper
- Sand timer
- Game rules.

The rules in different languages

The English rules are included in the gamebox. Download the rules in other languages:

If you would like to help others by translating the rules into your own language, we'll be more than happy to place your translation on the website.

Product sheet

Get a presentation of the game at this product sheet.

Get inspired

View the video on Youtube.

World wide

RULES FIRST is launched in Europe (January, 2011) and in USA (June, 2011). The  game is now in play in 3 continents