Tips for playing

Use at clinics and pregames

The board game is a learning tool designed to be used at clinics and for a fun time with your fellow officials. The game is perfectly suited to be used in the off-season, during pregames, having fun with your fellow officials, and during clinics, seminars and workshops.

Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of the game:

• The game can be used as part of the agenda to train rules knowledge
• Or use the game as a relaxing event during evenings.
• You can also arrange a contest to get everyone to do their best. The questions are in two levels so officials with different experience can play together.

• Bring some of the question cards to pregames to start the debate and get everyone focused
• Let each official draw a question card, to be read out loud, and let the rest of the crew find the answer.

Informal meetings / watching videos etc.:
• If you meet with other officials use the game to have a good time. Some officials use the game for fun learning, or as a starting event before watching videos or games on TV.

Individual training:

Use the question cards to test yourself. Start on the easiest level and move up when you find the answers too quickly.FIRST is the first board game exclusively for football officials. A inspirational learning tool designed to be used at clinics and for a fun time with you fellow officials.

Playing tips

Ideas of how to variate or enhance the playing experience:

Share your ideas

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All over in the Netherlands

“In the Netherlands, we are working intensively to increase our football officiating competence and to encourage a broader knowledge of the rules of the game. To support this goal, we have chosen to use the RULES FIRST game as one of our training tools in the local clubs.” John Mahnen, Program Coordinator of the American Football Bond Nederland