Well said about Rules First

"Whether you're an expert at the rules or struggling to make sense of them, RULES FIRST is a great fun way to improve and sharpen your skills. Challenge your crew or your critics to a game. Guarantee you will find this fun and challenging." Bill LeMonnier, Big 10 referee, 2010 BCS National Championship game Referee

"Football Officials have waited a long time for a game like Rules First. It’s such a great educational tool and fun to play." Davie Parsons, President of the British American Football Referees' Association (BAFRA)

"A fun way to study rules - with a little friendly competion."
Jeff Hansen, PAC-10 linesman, United States.

"It's a great way to get your head back into the rules without reading the same book over and over again. Rik won the game with one point. The last point on the next meeting is the game again..."
Christophe Geldhof, President of the Belgian American Football Officials Committee

"It's the rules test that makes the most complicated sports rules fun to do. Without the rulebook and on the spot with friends as if you were out there on the football field: Are you ready and able to officiate?" Arnold Buijs, President of the Dutch Officiating Commitee.




"Very close to a work of genious." Frank Rasmussen, President of the Danish Officiating Commitiee.

"An entirely new way for testing rules knowledge, learn and have fun!". Krysztof Walentynowics, President of the Polish Officiating Commitee.

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